Twaróg krowi odtłuszczony | Sery Łomnickie

Light curd (cow milk)

Curd made from unpasteurised, naturally acidulated cow milk that remains after production of cream (that’s why the milk has low contents of fat – below 1%). Of course it doesn’t have any additional ingredients like rennet etc.

Delicate, tasty. Ideal for those whole follow low-fat diet.

* Terms of purchase: cheeses that are sold by weight can be purchased in pieces of a weight that is a multiple of 20 dag (200 gr). The minimum amount of cheese that can be ordered equals to 20 dag. Cheeses are vacuum packed – usually as one piece with a weight similar to what has been selected in the order. In case a product is to be prepared in a special way (e.g. packed separately or sent in the form of a whole wheel), please mark it in the order form.