Niedźwiednik | Sery Łomnickie
price:  2,60 EUR
qty:     x 10 dag*

Niedźwiednik (Bear Cheese)

It is the oldest and the feistiest among our cheeses. For real connoisseurs. After six months of ripening, it is an ideal companion for red wine, especially one that has spent an equal amount of time (or more) maturing in a cask. Addition of savoury and bear’s garlic makes the cheese’s taste deeper and herbal, and lets it slowly develop on your palate.

According to our tradition some of our best cheeses bear names that are related both to some specific features of a given cheese and to names of selected summits in the Karkonosze mountains. ‘Niedzwiednik’ (‘Bear Cheese’) does exactly that: it refers to one of the two herbal ingredients of the cheese (i.e. bear’s garlic) and to a mountain located between Przesieka and Karpacz, some 15 kms from our farm.

* Terms of the purchase: the cheeses that are sold by weight can be purchased in pieces of weight that is a multiple of 10 dag. The minimum amount of cheese that can be ordered is 20 dag (smaller orders will be increased to 20 dag). The amount given is an approximate value, as the final weight may vary slightly. Cheeses are vacuum packed – usually as one piece with a weight similar to the one selected in the order. In case the product is to be prepared in a special way (e.g. packed separately or sent in the form of a whole wheel), please mark it in the order form.