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Bożena i Daniel Sokołowscy | Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne Kozia Łąka

The Lomnicke cheese are produced in our ecological farm “Kozia Łąka”, located near Jelenia Góra, among fields and forests, with a beautiful view of the Karkonosze and Śnieżka.

All our products are 100% natural, we do not use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We raise goats (currently the herd counts over 100 pieces), and from their milk we produce unique cheeses. It’s our hobby, passion and … hard work.

In 2010, Kozi Lomnicki cheese was included in the list of traditional products of the Ministry of Agriculture, and during the Eastern Partnership summit, which took place in Warsaw as part of the first Polish presidency of the Council of the European Union, Someron Lomnickas were served on the EU notables tables and promoted Polish cuisine. They also regularly visit the menu of the best restaurants in the country.

Come and visit us and try our cheeses!

Bożena and Daniel Sokołowscy


Rolnictwo Ekologiczne | Sery Łomnickie

“Kozia Łąka” is a certified organic farm. For many years we have been regularly auditing, and this year’s certificate No. PL-EKO-07-08010 issued by Agro-Bio-Test can be seen by clicking the link below.

See more: HERE.

Kulinarne Dziedzictwo Dolnego Śląska | Sery Łomnickie

Our farm belongs to the European Culinary Heritage Network, in which it represents the Lower Silesia region.

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Lista Produktów Tradycyjnych Województwa Dolnośląskiego | Sery Łomnickie

Our goat cheese Łomnicki with fenugreek was entered (in 2010) into the List of Traditional Products of the Lower Silesian Voivodship run by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Smaki Dolnego Śląska | Sery Łomnickie

We are also part of the Culinary Route, Tastes of Lower Silesia ‘, gathering the most interesting culinary attractions of our region.

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Skarby Ducha Gór | Sery Łomnickie

We are certified by the Karkonosze e Local Brand “Treasures of the Mountain Spirit”, which is awarded to selected producers of traditional products from the Giant Mountains region.

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Gault&Millau | Sery Łomnickie

We have been placed in a prestigious list of the Polish edition of the Gault & Millau Guide for several years.

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Sieć Zagród Edukacyjnych | Sery Łomnickie

Our farm belongs also to the Nationwide Educational Grid Network.

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Ekomuzea i Wędrowne PracownieWe have also created the Eco-Museum of Cheese Making on our farm, which is included in the Network of Ecomuseums and Traveling Workshops, established within the Local Action Group of the Mountain Spirit Partnership.

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