The right to withdraw from the Sale contract

Customer, being a consumer within the meaning of Article 221 Civil Code, is entitled – based on the law – to withdraw from a remote contract, without giving a reason, by making a relevant declaration of withdrawal from the contract (according to the template available here: FORM of DECLARATION OF WITHDRAWAL FROM THE CONTRACT) in writing, within 14 days and sending them to the following address: Daniel Sokołowski, ul. Sudecka 17, 58-500 Jelenia Góra (POLAND).

The 14-day period is counted from the day on which Goods was delivered.

The right to withdraw from the Contract by the consumer is excluded in the case of:

  • goods (services) going beyond the Shop’s standard offer, prepared for Customer’s special order and tailored to his individual needs;
  • goods subject to rapid deterioration or having a short shelf life;
  • goods delivered in a sealed package, which cannot be returned after opening the packaging due to health or hygiene reasons, if the packaging has been opened after delivery.

In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered null and void. What the parties have rendered is returned unchanged, unless a change was necessary within the limits of ordinary management. The return should take place immediately, not later than within 14 days. The purchased Goods should be returned to the following address: Daniel Sokołowski, ul. Sudecka 17, 58-500 Jelenia Góra. Shipments delivered to the Seller with cash on delivery will not be accepted. Customer is responsible for reducing the value of Goods as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

Returned by Customer Goods should be packed in an appropriate manner, ensuring protection against damage to the shipment during transport.

The cost of packaging and sending Goods shall be borne by Customer.

The refund of the amount resulting from the value of the returned Goods and the costs of its delivery to the Customer shall be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Goods from the Customer, subject to the provisions of point. 8.4 of the Terms & Conditions. If Customer chose the delivery method of the Goods at the time of purchase other than the cheapest usual delivery method offered in the Shop, the Seller is not obliged to return the Customer’s additional costs.

Return of the amount referred to in point 8.7 of the Terms & Conditions will be made using the same method of payment as used by Customer, unless Customer agrees to other methods of refunding.

Notice of defects of Goods

The Seller is liable to Customer, who is a consumer within the meaning of Article 221 Civil Code, for non-compliance with the Goods Sale Agreement purchased by this consumer, its defects and damage during delivery, to the extent specified by the Consumer Rights Act. In the case the Customer is not consumer, pursuant to Article 558 § 1 Civil Code, the statutory provisions of the Civil Code implied warranty is excluded.

If any defects are found in the Goods, the Goods together with a description of the defect and a complaint form (specimen form: COMPLAINT FORM) should be sent to the following address: Daniel Sokołowski, ul. Sudecka 17, 58-500 Jelenia Góra. Shipments delivered with COD (cash on delivery) will not be accepted. If the complaint is not accepted, the Goods will be sent back to Customer.

The Seller undertakes to consider each complaint within 14 days. The response to the complaint is sent to the address provided by the Customer or in any other manner provided by him.

If the complaint is considered justified, the defected Goods will be replaced. In the event that the replacing will not be possible, the amount paid by the Customer will be reimbursed or the price will be reduced on Customer’s request.

If Goods has a defect, Customer may submit a price reduction or withdrawal from the Sale contract, unless Seller declares that he will replace the defective Goods with a defect-free one or remove the defect immediately and without undue inconvenience to the Customer.

If Customer is a consumer, he may, instead of the Seller’s removal of the defect as proposed by the Seller, request the replacement of Goods free from defects or, instead of replacing the Goods, demand removal of the defect, unless bringing Goods into conformity with the Sales agreement in the manner chosen by Customer is impossible or would require excessive costs compared to the manner proposed by the Seller.